AIMART launches affordable home scheme to complement Lagos’ housing drive

Efforts by the Lagos State government to provide affordable housing for the residents received major support recently as Aimart Realtors, a residential and commercial real estate developer, launched the Affordable Home Scheme to complement those efforts.

As part of its efforts, the state government recently unveiled 6 new man-made islands for residential development purposes while commissioning new projects. The project, according to the government, was geared towards easing housing challenges in the state in addition to reducing housing deficits.

In relation to that, Aimart says it is stepping up plans to help in plugging the hole in the affordable housing sector. With its experience in providing housing solutions to a wide spectrum of clientele, the company hopes that the Affordable Homes Scheme will complement the state government’s various housing schemes.

The scheme has projects that are specifically targeted at low to medium-income earners, ensuring that the dream of convenient homeownership is not considered out of reach.

“It is necessary that investors key into the vision of the state government on providing affordable housing,” Bukola Iluyomade, Aimart managing director, counselled while addressing new interns—beginners and fresh graduates in real estate being groomed by the company to work in the industry.

‘Aimart International Nigeria Limited has developed a people-focused affordable homes scheme that ensures the residents of Lagos have more opportunities to own homes through mortgage financing which will not only be affordable but also measure up to the current trends in comfort and style,” she said.

These homes are developed to meet modern designs, providing proper neighbourhood planning with up-to-date facilities and proper management to ensure that the structures and facilities attached to them are maintained, serving the purposes of shelter, comfort, security and societal bearing.

The homes are specifically designed to meet modern architectural standards both in quality and style and have an appeal that cuts across all classes and demography.

The project offers blocks of flats ranging from one-bedroom to three-bedrooms and terrace bungalows, forming a housing community that ensures a homeowner is also a member of a community of people who share the same dreams of homeownership.

“Using Aimart boards which are locally re-enforced materials, these homes will be supported by environmentally green amenities,” Iluyomade assured, listing the schemes located all over the state as Intercontinental Park (Ibeju-Lekki); Diamond Park (Agbara); Palms Park (Badagry) and Sunshine Park (Ikorodu).

“Our integrity and efficiency have never been in doubt and we are convinced that this is the ideal time to make our own contribution towards economic recovery by making home-ownership more realistic and accessible,” she said.

Source: Business Day

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