African Power Platform Creates a Network for Africa’s Power Sector Stakeholders

The African Power Platform (APP) has been launched as a new initiative toconnect Governmental and Private Stakeholders of the African power sector by creating a network where theycan connect with ease.

The APP is a channel of communication for the market and assists in circulating and propagating tenders, business opportunities and intelligence to Members for business expansion. “My love and commitment to Africa played a major role on the decision of launching the African Power Platform,” says Jorge Lascas, Founder and Managing Director of the APP. A firm believer in the social and economic growth of Africa, the APP, maintains that it is imperative to create one platform where Independent Power Producers, Developers, Financiers, Consultants, and other like-minded individuals, along with Ministries, Regulators and Utilities can share ideas and possible solutions concerning the lack of electricity in Africa.

To further assist in the continent’s social and economic growth, APP Members have the ability to stay abreast
on current events concerning the power sector by signing up for newsletters and press releases.

The organisation has also created a means by which Members can share information regarding networking events.
It is through this social and economic development, as well as the financial assistance of members, that the
APP hopes to contribute to Africa’s electrification.

“Power is critical for every single country in Africa and we are here to support all of them equally,” says Lascas. According to the APP, there are more than 600 million people in Africa without electricity.

“We will be in soft launching until the end of 2018 and expect to gather 50 members during this period. It will
allow us to fine tune and optimize our strategy. In 2019 we expect to go full power and register 100
members.” says Lascas.

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