3Developers partners with Fresh Networking Launches Services and Products for Affiliate Marketers


3Developers launches Fresh Networking programme across 200 countries

LONDON, England July 28, 2017

3Developers, a London-based 3DBuildingPrint firm together with its partner Fresh Networking,
have launched services and products for affiliate marketers to sell across 200 countries using
3D Printing construction technology as an intervention in the global housing crisis.

Fresh Networking is rewarding affiliates with up to GBP100, 000 when they deliver qualified
business leads or franchise leads towards construction projects using 3DBuildingPrint
construction technology for houses.

Following the global launch of Fresh Networking as highest paying affiliate scheme in the world,
early adopters around the world now have easy access to a training course on selling
3DBuildingPrint technology that is set to disrupt and revolutionize the construction industry while
solving problems that are the fundamentals of life all over the world.

The competitively priced course helps affiliates to find the people and projects that will help
move the 3DBuildingPrint construction technology forward.

The company expects over 10,000 people globally to take up the course and help build houses
on an international basis. To affiliates, immediate earning from Fresh Networking can be
accelerated by referring and building teams of their own. The Affiliates also have several other
ways to earn big from the scheme which is the best paid work at home programme.

According to CEO and founder Stafford Carrington, this will go down in history as a moment the
world took control of one of its primary needs to address housing for 1.6 billion people who are
homeless and living in appalling housing, by applying an automation of the process of
constructing houses, resulting in people quickly acquiring affordable housing.

“We want to create links and networks in many countries. Our training not only teaches the
affiliates to sell, but it also develops them into social entrepreneurs developing their local
communities ” says Carrington.

He reveals that over the next 3 years, Fresh Networking and 3Developers expect to pay over
$100 million in commission and early adopters will be the biggest beneficiaries.

“3Developers is now fully ready to build 1000 houses using 90 3D printing machines within one
month in any country,” Carrington says.

By using a business model of franchising and licensing the 3DBuildingPrint technology, the
company is effectively causing a revolution in the one of the largest and fastest growing
industries (construction) worldwide and this contributes towards solving the global housing crisis
in an eco-friendly and cost effective way.

Getting deals for 3DBuildingPrint construction projects is quite simple for affiliates. They are
tasked to find someone who wants to build houses at half the usual price, and they get paid for
that. It is a game-changing innovation that decreases cost, increases speed and automates
house construction with no negative impact on the environment.

According to Carrington, this gives people across the world the opportunity to make money out
of property construction using 3DBuildingPrint technology while developing their communities.

3Developers is changing the world by automating the process of house construction around the
world. The company uses a 360 degrees property software and a global network of reliable
affiliates to deliver results that address challenges to the fundamentals of life. We build
franchises all over the globe, sharing our experience with 3DBuildingPrint technology which we
are offering as a solution to the global housing crisis.

CONTACTS: +44 207 8899 001 | E – hello@3developershomes.com | 107-111 Fleet Street, London, UK.

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