There are many consulting engineering companies in Nigeria. Just in case you are wondering about the term, a consulting engineering company are business concerns involving a partnership of consulting engineers having expertise in different fields.

A consulting engineer is an engineer whose advice and knowledge are sought by different companies to execute different projects

 However, Construction Engineering Digest magazine to compile a list of top ten consulting engineering companies in the country.  Don’t go away.


 1. Ove Arup and Partners

In 1946, the pioneer of this company, Ove Arup began a practice in London.  In next to no time, the founder’s progressiveness together with his highly motivated team expanded the company into a global organization called Arup Group.

Furthermore, Ove Arup and Partners provide services such as design, engineering, architecture and planning in all aspects of building.  This global entity employs about 16 000 staff in more than 90 offices across 35 countries on earth.

A hallmark feature of this company is that it didn’t acquire rival companies.  Rather, it focused on natural growth and expansion in areas where Ove Arup and Partners identified new opportunities.

Additionally, all past and present employees own a stake in Arup.  This differentiates the company from the competition.

2. Sanni, Ojo & Partners

Two erudite and adept engineers established Sanni, Ojo & Partners in 1991.  The chief aim was to render top-notch independent consulting engineering and project management services in Nigeria’s building, civil, structural, oil and gas industries.

In addition, this company left its imprint in the sector due to its dedication to reliability, excellence and integrity.  These attributes reflect in the projects’ quality executed and in the type of proficient engineers thus employed.

Partners and employees in this company actively source ways to continue their professional training.  The firm encourages this via group discussions and courses as well as exchange of technical advice with other professionals.

Thus, Sanni, Ojo & Partners attends to projects in civil engineering, project management as well as structural engineering.

3. Etteh Aro and Partners

A prominent engineering consultancy firm with more than 40 years’ experience, Etteh Aro and Partners is a one-stop solution.  Its services meet international standards.

This firm’s aim is to provide quality services to clients via the systematic application of the latest and best engineering technology.  In addition, Etteh Aro and Partners hopes to provide training and mobilization of resources via a client and staff-centric environment.

The firm’s vision is to be recognized as a network of professionals who seamlessly provide top-notch solutions to infrastructural development.

4. O.T Otis Engineering Nigeria LTD

This company’s firm resolve to provide innovative solutions across the full project and asset life cycle positions them as a leading provider of technical and engineering services in the Nigerian infrastructural and industrial sectors.

Thus, the company’s experience since 1987 in the country helped them successfully complete projects in the industrial and infrastructural sector.

O.T Otis Engineering Nigeria LTD’s client-centric focus helps them recruit and retain the best hands in the industry.  Its unique track record on project management positions them as a leader in the renewable energy space.

5. KOA Consultants Nigeria Limited

This independent firm of multidisciplinary consultants engages in the provision of consultancy services to clients in Nigeria’s private and public sectors.  Additionally, it is an ISO 9001 certified company.

This company is independent due to its noncommittal approach to third parties’ deliveries and commercial interests.  Moreover, the client and/or financing agency exclusively pay for the consultancy services.  Thus, the client is KOA Consultants LTD primary obligation.

The firm designs consultancy advice that proffers an economic solution to his problems.  Again, it supports clients’ interests and commits to them to fully earn the reposed trust in the firm.

6. C.A Consultants Nigeria Limited

This consulting firm targets creating projects that facilitate clients’ businesses to manifest their aspirations. It helps them set the technological pace in the building industry in Nigeria.  C.A Consultants Nigeria Limited’s activities run the gamut from consulting, mechanical, electrical and piping engineering projects.

In addition, the company takes on all aspects of mechanical, electrical and piping engineering design, planning and supervisory services.  It does this for residential, commercial and industrial buildings on major construction projects.

C.A Consultant specializes in total project management, planning, design and supervisory services.  The company focuses on projects starting from the feasibility studies to completion.  In order to achieve this, it invests in quality information technology software and equipment.

Additionally, the firm’s service scope is in line with the BSI standards, CIBSE and ASHRAE guides.  It is also in accordance with the conditions of engagement of the association of consulting engineers, Nigeria.

C.A Consultants Limited is ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System Certified in mechanical and engineering consultancy services in building engineering systems and infrastructure.

The company’s mission helps create projects and environments that enables clients’ businesses and people to actualize their aspirations.

7. Pearl Consultants

The year is 1987.  A group of civil and structural engineers formed the company known as Pearl Consultants.  Likewise, it partners with HEWSON CONSULTING ENGINEERS LIMITED as well as ETTEH ARO & PARTNERS. 

Pearl Consultants supervises road construction, river bridges, marine structures, rig platforms for the government.

Additionally, its Niger-Delta experience helps Pearl Consultants work efficiently in that region.

8. MBS Engineering Limited

MBS Engineering Limited, initially called Amal Engineering Services Limited kicked off on the 31st August, 1994.  This firm has proven expertise in electrical and mechanical engineering services.  The services include project management, contract administration, consulting as well as contracting.

Similarly, MBS Engineering Limited is a member of the association of Consulting Engineers in Nigeria (ACEN).  Its focus is to ensure that clients get the best service at the right time and at a reasonable cost.  It achieves this by providing sustainable, cost effective and practical solutions.

9. Yolas Consultants

Established in 1980 by Engr. Yusuf Olanrewaju Sagaya, Yolas Consultants provides multidisciplinary consulting services to the construction industry.  These services run the gamut from engineering, architecture, construction and project management. 

Likewise, the company’s mission statement states, A commitment founded on dedication and professional integrity, aimed at ensuring the client’s satisfaction with the highest quality & cost effective consulting services.

The company aims to design developmental projects in the most practical manner possible.

10. Amana Consortium

Sir Engr. Edet J. Amana founded this company in 1972. It provides consultancy in civil engineering, structural engineering and construction technology.  The workplace culture is THINK and this is the foundation for various projects the company handled.

In addition, this firm focuses on sophisticated technology, sustainability, stability and integrity. Active involvement of all management and staff helps the company organize, execute and fulfil customer’s requirements.

At Amana Consortium, all staff self-detect and correct errors. Moreover, the company practices rigorous preventive maintenance.


There you have it.  A comprehensive list of 10 Consulting Engineering Companies in Nigeria.  Hopefully, this helps you with your building and construction activities.

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