NLC criticised the FG intent to release N38bn to Discos

The Nigeria Labour Congress has criticised the moves by the Federal Government to release N38bn to the electricity distribution companies to procure prepaid meters.

The NLC’s president, Mr. Ayuba Wabba, commented on this while speaking at the inauguration of the newly elected leaders of LCAN in Abuja yesterday.

The NLC reaffirmed its call to the Federal Government to revisit the process of the privatisation of the power sector carried out by the Goodluck Jonathan administration.

The President also lamented that the current administration had committed N660bn as intervention funds in the power sector in the last two years without a commensurate improvement in power supply.

 Wabba wondered why the Federal Government would still commit N38bn of public funds as a bailout to the electricity distribution companies, which were almost becoming comatose, to procure meters.

He said that the problem of the power sector had nothing to do with lack of resources as the government had committed N11tn  to the power sector reforms without achieving the objective of providing stable power supply in the country.

Wabba said, “One of the things affecting our country today is the issue of accountability. Every other issue can directly or indirectly be linked with the issue of good governance. The state level is even worst and that is our challenge.”

He said that if the electricity firms lacked the capacity to deliver, then the process should be reversed, stressing that it would not be too late to reverse the process.




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