‘Nigeria Marks World Environment Day (WED) in Lagos’

As Nigeria joined the rest of the world to mark this year’s World Environment Day (WED), Monday, president of the Lekki Urban Forest Animal Sanctuary (LUFASI), Desmond Majekodunmi, said humans should give more attention to nature, which contributes a lot to their life and existence.
The conservationist, who advised that nature should be treated like a mother, also urged Nigerians to intensify efforts that could reverse the effects of climate change and prevent the natural environment from an impending catastrophe.
“This is because continuous upsetting of the balance of nature can’t support life on the planet earth”, he said at an event marking WED in Lagos, adding, “unless people treat and respect nature the way individuals treat their mothers, the danger would become irreversible.”
According to Majekodunmi, benefits of technology are numerous and advancements in technology have made life more meaningful, but “over carbonising the atmosphere can’t support life. We have to treat the Mother Nature like a mother; Mother Nature supplies us with oxygen and all good things free of charge, but with humans upsetting the balance of nature with their activities, the world is now experiencing the effects of Climate Change.”
Though human beings have benefited something from the tender care of a mother, the mother nature does much more because the creator uses it to sustain life, he said. He therefore, emphasized the need to reduce the carbon foot-print.
June 5 of every year has been chosen for the World Environment Day. The theme for this year’s celebration is ‘Connect With Nature’ and part of activities LUFASI has lined up for the commemoration of the event was a debate on Climate Change for secondary school students in Lagos.
The debate was won by students of the Refiner’s College, Lekki, who opposed the motion, ‘We Can Reverse Climate Change Before It Permanently Destroys Our Natural Environment’. The students argued that with the way humans carry out their activities on earth today, the damage would be irreversible unless a new way of doing things was evolved.
They had squared up with their counterparts from Greenspring School who supported the motion. Other schools who participated in the event were the Redington School and Albesta College.

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