Materials Must Be Tested Before Building – LASG

The Lagos State Government has said it will continue to insist on material testing in the built environment, pointing out that it is a major way of achieving zero-building collapse in the state.

The Commissioner for Physical Planning and Urban Development, Rotimi Ogunleye, stated this during a visit to the Lagos State Materials Testing Laboratory’s office in Ojodu, according to a statement on Sunday.

He said the mandate given to the materials testing laboratory to regulate operations of private-owned testing laboratories across the state had made it compelling for the agency to live above board.

Ogunleye urged residents, especially stakeholder in the built environment, to support the regeneration plan of the government by adhering to rules and professional standards in conducting integrity tests on construction materials.

The Commissioner said, “This agency is one of the core agencies of the Lagos Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development and its role in terms of delivering the mandate of the ministry is vital. The incidences of building collapse send a negative signal and this explains why the government has been doing everything to reduce them to the barest minimum, if not totally eradicate it.

“We cannot afford to be lackadaisical; we must drive the building sector forward and ensure zero tolerance to building collapse.”

The Acting General Manager, LSMTL, Olalekan Ajani, promised that the agency would discharge its mandate with integrity, noting that the recruitment of additional professionals – engineers, geologists and builders – was a good impetus for the manpower capacity of the agency.

Source: Punch

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