Estate Surveyors in Nigeria Seek Establishment of Valuer-General Office

Members of the Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors and Valuers (NIESV) have reiterated its call for the establishment of the Office of Valuer-General in all the 36 States.

They stated that the office would bring its experience to bear in current problems being experienced in land assessment, valuation and documentation in the country.

Lagos State Branch Chairman, Mr. Samuel Ukpong, who made the call in a press conference to mark NIESV week in Lagos, disclosed that the institution has prepared a bill and has forwarded to the Executive and the State’s House of Assembly.

According to him, estate valuers/surveyors are land economists, who are professionally trained for proper analyses on lands, budgets and other related matters.

Ukpong said that the appointment/establishment of the Office of Valuer-General in all the States was important to add value of landed property. He stated that a lot of land in the country were dead property, while there were professional estate valuers and surveyors who could.

“With the establishment of the Office of the Valuer-General, the issue of false declaration of assets, embezzlement of funds and stealing will properly be addressed.

“All the landed property in the country has an economic value, which can be developed through the help of the Valuer-General,’’ he said.

The NIESV boss added that it was the duty of the Valuer-General to do proper assessment of lands to ensure that citizens give true declaration of their assets.

Ukpong stressed that estate valuers/surveyors were professionally learned to interpret figures and issues relating to budgets in particular and the economy in general.

The NIESV official noted that the dwindling economy of the country was as a result of the fact that relevant professionals were not always consulted in decision-making.

“We are concerned about the economic situation of the country and how to improve it. “It is time the government appoints Estate Valuers and Surveyors as ministers and commissioners, for effective promotion of growth and development in the country,’’ he added.


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