Environmental Hazards Still a Challenge in Oil, Gas Sector

The mitigation of environmental hazards still poses a challenge and threat to the oil and gas sector of the country despite the various policy measures that have been employed to address the menace, Findings for 2017 Benchmarking Report has disclosed.

Speaking yesterday in Abuja while presenting the first precept of the report carried out by Nigerian Natural Resource Charter (NNRC), Mr Kingsley Onyeka representing Centre for Public Policy Alternatives said various measures have actually been put in place to correct the problems but the capacity to enforce the measures into place was lacking.

He stated that although the government understands the benefits of the oil and gas sector, it lacked the ability to translate the understanding of the sector’s benefit because policies and plans are often short term oriented and lack the coordination needed to be effective.

On monitoring the operations, Tunde Salman representing Civil society legislative advocacy centre said there are established legal and institutional frameworks to monitor the operations of the companies during each stage of every project life cycle but the responsible institutions should be strengthened to enhance their effectiveness.

Source: Daily Trust

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